Are you looking to achieve real business
value from your data?

Do you want to maximise resources and make more informed business decisions?
Do you want to work smarter and faster from critical data insights?

According to McKinsey’s ‘The state of AI in 2020’ report, 50% of companies surveyed have adopted AI in at least one business function and an equal percentage are yet to start their AI journey2.

Our analytics and AI solutions can help you harness the value of your data and transform your business.

So, do you want to quickly anticipate
customer needs?

Innovate high-value products and services?
And drive business growth, while reducing costs?

According to a 2021 PWC report, in today’s global markets, 33% of businesses have started implementing AI, while 25% have fully enabled AI processes with widespread adoption. But 95% of people in your position find digital transformation of this kind insurmountable3.

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Did you know…

Wipro’s ‘State of Intelligent Enterprises’ cites that 95% of businesses consider AI a component of their future4. To stay competitive businesses need to adopt AI but which solution should you choose?

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Our complete storage and data management solutions offer:

  • Highly Scalable

  • Simplified data

  • Accelerate and
    protect data

  • Low latency

  • Comprehensive
    data protection

  • Data encryption

  • Cloud

  • Comprehensive
    data replication

  • Rapid and
    secure data

  • Fast efficient
    data storage

  • Straightforward,

  • Workload

But don’t just take
our word for it.

IDC says Lenovo is the top entry storage company
in EMEA!

Plus, see what our customers have to say in this success story or listen to our podcast to find out more about the future of data intelligence.

Businesses can utilise analytics
and AI to reinvent the customer
experience, anticipate needs and
wants, and drive growth.

So, get in touch and discover how to start implementing
analytics and AI today.