Does your data solution offer cloud portability?

Does it align with your cloud strategy?
And does it drive enterprise-wide efficiencies?

By 2025, 85% of infrastructure strategies will integrate on-premises, co-location, cloud and edge delivery options1. The cloud is an important part of almost all IT strategies which may not be needed today, but every business has to address in the future.

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So, can you easily incorporate public
cloud into your storage strategy?

Can you move data to and from the cloud as needed?
And can you manage data with a common set of tools?

Moving applications to be cloud ready is complex and disruptive, public cloud can be costly for your business critical applications and the time to recover lost data tends to be long. It’s time to look for a cloud-like experience on-premise, so your performance critical applications get a much better ROI.

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Did you know…

cloud solutions alone may not be flexible or fast enough to match the demanding operational efforts and configuration methods needed for different customers? You can have secure, highly reliable on-premise storage with cloud-economics using Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series and our TruScale as a service solution.

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Looking for a modern cloud storage
and data management solution that fits
your needs and budget? It’s right here.

Lenovo  +  veeam

Our complete storage and data management solutions offer:

  • Data

  • Comprehensive data replication

  • Rapid and
    data restore

  • Simplified data management

  • Auto cloud

  • Storage in the
    cloud with
    same tools

  • Efficiencies
    and encryption
    storage and
    the cloud

  • Fast
    data storage

  • Straightforward,

  • Workload

  • Premier

But don’t just take
our word for it.

IDC says Lenovo is the top entry storage company
in EMEA!

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You can protect your data on-premises,
in flight, and in the cloud with both
hardware and software-level encryption

So, get in touch and discover how to make the cloud work for you.