How do you backup your data?

How much of your data is backed up?
And how long does it take to backup business critical applications?

According to IDC, only 55% of all data is backed up1, not all data storage is properly utilised and 60% of organisations2 have lost unrecoverable data. So, it is vital that businesses find a better way to backup their data.

Leveraging the powerful, all-inclusive Lenovo Unified Complete Software suite, the new DG and DM storage solutions include ransomware and data protection features designed to preserve and protect valuable business data throughout its lifecycle, reducing risk and mitigating costs associated with data intrusion and data loss.

So, is all your data backed up?

How efficient is your data backup?
And how often do you backup?

The challenge is finding a backup solution that offers suitable scalability,
performance and cloud portability. So, it’s time to look for the latest, smartest data storage and management solutions to keep your business one step ahead.

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Did you know…

traditional backup approaches, typically with tape as the final destination, is a time-consuming process which can interfere with production workloads? Even worse, it might take days or weeks, so businesses need to find a solution that ensures their systems are back up and running within minutes, especially after a ransomware attack.

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Looking for a modern backup
solution that’s safer, faster, smarter?
It’s right here.

Discover Lenovo TruScale: Backup as a Service with Veeam.
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Our complete storage and data management solutions offer:

  • Data encryption

  • Comprehensive
    data replication

  • Rapid and secure data restore

  • Backup as a Service

  • Simplified data

  • Fast
    data storage

  • Application

  • Straightforward,

  • Workload

  • Premier

But don’t just take
our word for it.

IDC says Lenovo is the top entry storage company
in EMEA!

Plus, see what our customers have to say in this case study or read our infographic and discover the best defenses for your data.

“Backup is critical, but recovery
is even more critical.”

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