Do your teams waste time managing systems?

Are you worrying about the infrastructure?
And do you want to spend more time concentrating on your business?

By 2025, 85% of infrastructure strategies will integrate on-premises, co-location, cloud, and edge delivery options1. But infrastructure silos are complex to manage, need overprovision to ensure performance and incur more costs.

We’ve hosted a useful webinar to help you simplify management, automate deployment and accelerate time to value.

So, do you want to reduce costs?

Meet corporate data regulatory or compliance mandates?
And drive business change?

Remove the costly, cumbersome and risky process to verify new software before deploying to production with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). An IaaS or storage-as-a-service solution provides access to scalable technology without the high upfront investment.

Listen to our podcast and discover the growing trend in technology for ‘pay-as-you-use’.

Did you know…

legacy data protection requires numerous expensive hardware and software add-on products to protect the company’s data assets? Businesses need to be able to easily scale without incremental capital investments, so they can focus more on the bigger picture.

Discover ThinkSystem DE & DM plus the latest ThinkSystem DG and ThinkAgile (SXM) storage solutions.

Watch our video, and enhance your ability to scale your IT hardware, software and support capabilities.

Looking for a highly reliable on-premises storage with a cloud-economics model, to only pay for what you use? It’s right here.

Lenovo  +  veeam

Our complete storage and data management solutions offer:

  • Data

  • Comprehensive

  • Rapid and
    data restore

  • Simplified data management

  • Fast
    data storage

  • Straightforward,

  • Workload

  • Premier

But don’t just take
our word for it.

IDC says Lenovo is the top entry storage company
in EMEA!

Plus, see what our customers have to say in this success story or watch our webinar to re-think your infrastructure for working anywhere.

Businesses need to future
proof their infrastructure to
be able to accelerate data
and simplify management.

So, get in touch and discover how you can adapt to your
infrastructure’s rapidly evolving needs.